My name is Jon and I am a web developer based out of Seattle, WA.

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1.Selected works

Light and Motion lightandmotion.com

Light and Motion produces the best lights in the world for the outdoors — skiing, scuba diving, hiking, running, etc. Teaming up with my pals at BKWLD we built this gorgeous site to show outdoor enthusiasts, using real data, why these lights are the best around.

Role: Magento / PHP development, JavaScript (jQuery, Backbone)

Jefferson National www.jeffnat.com

“JeffNat” is a financial services company aiming to shake up the industry by offering retirement products without bloated, expensive rider fees. We've partnered together on all kinds of interactive comparison tools for illustrating the monumental savings to their customers.

Role: JavaScript (jQuery), UI design, HighCharts, HTML, CSS

Peachtree Audio www.peachtreeaudio.com

Audiophiles know and love this respected brand of high-end audio electronics. I worked with Peachtree to build consumer and B2B dealer sites, EDI integrations, powerful CMS tools, and more.

Role: Magento & PHP development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some design.

Simply Measured app.simplymeasured.com

As Product Engineer, I wore a number of hats polishing and hacking both Simply's corporate web site and their namesake web application at Simply Measured.

Role: Ruby, Rails, UI and UX design, jQuery, CSS, HAML, WordPress

Red Cape Project redcapeproject.com

The Red Cape Project is a private "dream journal" app in use by a large hospital in Miami, Fl. It's a way for the hospital's leadership to keep in touch with (and help coordinate solutions for) their employees goals and dreams. Really cool app for friend and past collaborator, David Vittoria.

Role: Django development, Bootstrap and front-end dev, design.

Jon and Cari jonandcari.com

A labor of love. :) Having a wedding in Seattle means 1. yes you have a web site, 2. hell yes it's responsive, 3. probably has geolocation and digital RSVPs to boot, doesn't it? (Answer: yes.)

Role: Design, Django / Cactus / Python, Illustration, jQuery, groom, etc.

SmartWool www.smartwool.com

A doozie of an e-commerce site for this leading outdoor apparel brand. Their parent company, Timberland, was recently purchased for a cool $2 billion.

Role: Magento & PHP development, and some jQuery development.

Max of the Day www.maxoftheday.com

I built a photo blog to capture daily photos of my son Max. It's my favorite little project, for my other favorite little project. Features responsive, mobile-friendly views. Powered by camera phones and good ol' email attachments.

Role: Django/Python development, front-end (HTML, CSS), & design.

Illumina www.illumina.com

Full Ingeniux site development for Illumina, Inc, who was recently named the Fastest Growing Tech Company in America by Forbes.

Role: Ingeniux and some jQuery development.

Live The 8 www.livethe8.com

My pal David Vittoria launched his new book, The 8 ("a little book with a big message") and called on me to build a supporting site. Features an interactive survey which creates personalized PDF reports for visitors.

Role: Python, PHP & WordPress development, design, front-end dev.

2.Who is this Culver character?

Jon grew up in Louisville, KY, where he developed strong preferences for iced tea and fine bourbon. Currently he resides in Seattle, WA where he pleads for longer summers and devours salmon by the fistful.

Jon is a independent consultant for all things web development & design. He enjoys turning awkward, unruly client wishes into big pretty Internet things. Are you looking for some help? Maybe he's your guy.

What others are saying:

One of the best and brightest employees I've ever supervised. His twin endowments of creativity and analytical prowess will make him a strong leader someday. Mark Forman
Director of Online Marketing, Jefferson National
Jon is an individual of boundless talent. Jim Edmunds
President and CEO, Ingeniux
I'm a big fan of your work. Agasthya Upadhya
Analyst at Simply Measured

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